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The Administrative Studies majors are designed to educate students in the art and science of management in combination with coursework completed in one of five departments. Departments offering an administrative studies component with selective courses from their own disciplines are: 

Art History - examines art pieces in various contexts including history, culture and politics. 

Economics - examines the factors determining national income, inflation, unemployment, output, growth and inequality as well as the behavior of individual decision-making units like households and firms, the role of markets, money and interest rates, the forces affecting international trade, and other problems of production and distribution. 

History - provides the broad foundation of understanding people's past experiences from different times and places, with particular specializations in Europe and in the Americas. 

Political Science - focuses on the number of political experiences examined from democracy and dictatorship while teaching the ideologies and philosophies behind them. 

Sociology - examines societal issues including: race and class inequality, stratification, the impact of the environment and crime and deviance.